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New SuDS Manual delivers practical guidance for sustainable drainage systems

Thursday, November 12, 2015

An update to The SuDS Manual has been published that brings together the very latest research, industry practice and guidance for sustainable drainage systems. HR Wallingford led a project to develop a new edition of The SuDS Manual for CIRIA, which is now available for free download.

As lead authors, HR Wallingford worked with a team of experts to produce a comprehensive and up to date source of good practice in SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) design, construction and maintenance. The new Manual bridges the gap between currently available national standards and guidance and the realities of surface water management faced by multi-disciplinary decision-makers and practitioners in the UK.

What are the key updates?

Clear steps needed to plan and design a SuDS scheme

  • The new Manual has a dedicated chapter laying out the steps of the SuDS design process. There are also chapters looking specifically at how to incorporate SuDS within existing urban environments and different types of site conditions (including contaminated sites, sloping sites and sites with low infiltration potential).

Detailed guidance on the design of individual SuDS components

  • The new Manual has 13 separate chapters providing guidance on the design of different types of SuDS component ranging from green roofs to ponds, from bioretention systems to pervious pavements.

Latest approaches to estimating runoff rates and storage volumes

  • The hydrology and hydraulics of SuDS design has been revisited and updated to reflect latest research and developments, such as in runoff estimation. These methods are also demonstrated in an appendix that takes the reader through each step of the design process.

Risk-based approach for surface water and groundwater protection

  • The new Manual includes a new hierarchical risk approach to managing water quality that includes a simple index method for assessing SuDS designs, which meets the requirements of all four of the UK’s environmental regulators.

Bridget Woods Ballard, HR Wallingford’s lead author, said: “It’s been a long process to make sure that this update draws together the latest thinking around SuDS and truly speaks to its intended readership. The updated Manual looks different too. It has been transformed into a user friendly, attractive document with over 180 landscape architect designed colour illustrations and many more high quality colour photographs.We would like to thank CIRIA, our project partners and the project steering group for working closely with us and for supporting this challenging project.”

Project partners included the Environmental Protection Group, EcoFutures, Grant Associates and Illman Young.

The SuDS Manual (C753) is available for download from CIRIA

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