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Have you missed our webinar on the UK SuDS website?

Monday, April 10, 2017

On Tuesday 28 March, we hosted our very first webinar as part of the launch for the updates and changes made to our website; thank you to all who joined us. If you have missed it or would like to see it again, visit our webinar page. We have also put the full presentation and a summary of questions and answers available for download as pdf. 

We are pleased that so many of you, from so many different organisations, listened in and found the discussion useful. We have now reviewed all the questions raised and collated a short Q&A response to answer them. This can be downloaded as a pdf which can be found on our webinar page. If you need any further clarification or have any other questions about changes made to this site, please contact us

As discussed during the webinar, one of the biggest changes to the website is that each account user can now save their data and return to it at a later point. In addition to this, the updates and improvements made to our tools, specifically the storage volume estimation tool with the inclusion of a number of new features including the ability to use greenfield flow rates from the ReFH2 tool will hopefully assist you in producing outline drainage designs and making planning applications. We will continue to make further improvements to these and other tools as necessary.

It has been recognised that a large number of those who completed the survey are interested in further webinars from us. We will be planning these over the next few months and will update you with further details in due course.

Many thanks again,
The UK SuDS team

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