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New UK SuDS website: Enhanced tools and functionality

Monday, February 27, 2017

Welcome to the new UK SuDS website. We have made improvements to the site and to our tools, and look forward to sharing these with you at our next webinar.  

What has changed?

Updated surface water storage volume estimation tool

We've significantly updated our Surface water storage volume estimation tool. A major change is the ability to use flow information, produced by the ReFH2 plot scale tool, to provide an alternative method of estimating storage requirements. Another significant change in philosophy is the explicit inclusion of a greenfield runoff contribution for post-development runoff. Finally, volumes of storage for small developments are now often quite a lot less when an over-ride is applied to low flow rates (the 2l/s/ha rule or the minimum flow rule). 

For a summary of these changes, check out our blog post on surface water storage volume estimation updates.


We have reviewed all FAQs and made the relevant information accessible on each of the tool pages. For online tools, we have made tooltips available in one-click next to the fields they refer to. 

Check out all our FAQs

Save your data - Member's only area

We have introduced improved functionalities for the users by creating a member's only area. Registration is completely free and registered users can now:  

  • access all tools for free;
  • generate pdf reports for specific tools;
  • store run data and reports;
  • receive latest news about SuDS and training.

For the Greenfield runoff rate estimation tool and the surface water storage volume estimation tool  registered users can save their runs to later easily access them and generate pdf reports on the fly.  

Register here for free

Your feedback

As a number of changes have been made, we are keen to receive feedback on the new site and particularly if there are any concerns over the results obtained. Feedback on the storage volumes predicted by the tool compared to values obtained using detailed simulation modelling would be particularly appreciated. Similarly points requiring further FAQs or clarification on existing FAQs are also welcome.

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